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Tips for a Top Resume

August 5, 2019
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Have you submitted hundreds of job applications without getting anywhere?

Are you starting to feel like there is something wrong with you?

It’s not you. I promise, it is your resume!

Recruiters have seen thousands of resumes, they know exactly what they are looking for and can pick apart the good from the bad in a matter of seconds. If you don’t tick the required boxes in a quick once over, your resume is going straight into the shredding pile.

Don’t fret, there are a few quick changes that you can make to your current resume to help boost your success rates.


Target your resume for each individual job application, recruiters want to know that you have the specialised skills for the role. Pay close attention to the job application, highlighting skills and previous examples that demonstrate the value you would bring to the position.


This section is worth its weight in gold, don’t squander it. The summary / professional profile is one of the first area’s of eye contact for recruiters and can help guarantee a little extra attention. Use this top section to clarify and illustrate your abilities, the value you will bring to the role, and what differentiates you from other applicants.


I cannot stress enough the importance of ATS friendly format when creating and submitting an application. There is no point crafting the prefect resume if the ATS cannot read the document and deletes it before the recruiter can even see it. Check out our tips to beat the ATS.


Pronouns on a resume are a sin, there is no reason to include “me”, “I’ or “my” on your resume. Each experience block should be written without the need for any pronouns, don’t waste valuable space with unnecessary wording. Think you can outsmart the no pronouns rule by using the third person, think again. Writing your resume in the third person is a one-way ticket to the shredder.


Recruiters are aware of day to day tasks, the soft and hard skills required for the listed role. What recruiters really want to see are results based achievements. Display your achievements in the best way possible using the ARTA (Achieved Result by Taking Action) method.

Increased sales by 17% in 2018 by implementing new XXX marketing strategy.

Achieved Results: Increased sales by 17% in 2018

Taking Action: by implementing a new XXX marketing strategy

Creating content that provides insight into your abilities and achievement rate will help to give you a point of difference from other resumes.

What are your thoughts on these top tips?

Do you have any suggestions to increase resume success rates?

Leave a comment down below and let the team at Hunting Hired know your thoughts.

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