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The Perfect Interview Attire

November 4, 2019
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Finding the perfect attire for an interview can be a struggle, there are so many differing opinions out there. Do you wear all black? What is too casual? What is too formal? Where do bright patterns sit? How short is too short for a skirt? Are peep-toe heels acceptable?

Honestly, the list goes on and for a good reason, the outfit that you choose to wear to an interview needs to align with the appropriate dress code for the company. 

Below are a few tips you should keep in mind when preparing your interview attire:

  • Stick with black and add a single pop of colour. There is a reason that black never goes out of fashion, black is slimming and smart. If you want a pop of colour to show your personality, add a vibrant shirt or pair black pants with a white shirt and a bright blazer.
  • Tailor your outfit, nothing screams professionalism better than a perfectly tailored outfit. Have your attire tailored to fit your body, not only will it look great for the interview, but it’s fabulous fashion tip for the rest of your wardrobe.
  • Add a blazer, it is always best to be overdressed than underdressed, and a blazer adds that extra formality to an outfit. Pick a bright colour or pattern to add a bit of personality or keep it simple with a slimline black. 
  • Tone down the hair and makeup. Unless you are applying for a makeup or hairdressing role, your makeup and hair really don’t need to be the start of the show. A light, dewy and bronzed face with a warm brown eye and bold red lip is the perfect interview look.
  • Choosing to wear heels is a perfectly acceptable choice but keep that heel high to a minimum. A standard courtroom heel or stiletto is perfectly acceptable, but the minute you start adding platforms to the front and inches to the heel, it can begin to look a little unprofessional. Pro tip: If your shoes are uncomfortable, new or you struggle to walk in them, just don’t wear them, no matter how professional you think they are.
  • Keep jewellery simple, pearls always look good or a simple stud earring. Keep the jangly stuff at home for another time.
  • Keep your nails neutral, a fresh manicure always looks cute but avoid the Cardi B look and keep to soft pinks, nudes or reds.
  • Leave the sunglasses at home, you don’t need to wear them in the office and leaving them sitting on your head is not a great look. Leave the at home and avoid the embarrassment of forgetting they were on your forehead the whole interview.
  • Limit the Leopard print, everyone loves a jungle print but it doesn’t always scream professionalism. If you need to have at least a little animal print, keep it something simple like a classic flat or a scarf.
  • Wear something you feel comfortable in! There is no point in splurging on a new interview outfit if the whole time you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter how amazing that outfit is if you don’t feel comfortable you won’t have the interview you were hoping for.
  • Nothing goes better with an outfit than confidence! Trust yourself, know that you look fabulous and you have got this interview in the bag!


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