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Never had a resume created and not sure where to begin, looking to apply for a position that only requires a resume, then the resume builder is just the ticket for you.

Fill out our career history questionnaire and one of our friendly team members will create a bespoke resume for you, targeted towards your career field.

Once the general information is received, the team member assigned to you will remain in constant contact through update emails, which provide full control over colour, layout and final design of your document.

The Resume Builder service includes the following:

  • A professionally written resume providing future recruiters with a detailed and comprehensive overview of the client's past professional history, skills, education, achievements and attributes.

  • The resume will be provided in Microsoft Word format and PDF.

Please allow 7 to 10 days turn around.

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Resume Writing Service in Adelaide

Be sure to land your dream job with a resume that sticks out from the crowd. Employers and businesses can receive hundreds of applications when they advertise, so make sure you grab the attention of your potential employers with a polished, well-presented, and professional resume. First impressions count and a resume service like ours could make all the difference for your successful job application.

Our Resume Writing Process

When it comes to resumes, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that you tailor your resume to suit the specific position and field that you are applying for. We have a team of professional resume writers in Adelaide who are experts at creating bespoke resumes for you, targeted at your chosen profession. We will provide you a career history questionnaire to fill out which will help our writers collect all the necessary information about your accumulated skills and work experience.

When you select our resume building service and complete the career history questionnaire, you will be assigned one of our Adelaide team members at Hunting Hired. They will stay in constant contact during your resume creation through update emails, giving you control over the creative process and detailed touches such as colour, layout and final design of your document.

Resume Writing Structure and Inclusions

Purchasing our resume builder service means that you can leave the professional content creation to us. Our team of qualified resume writers (Adelaide) will build you a professionally written resume, providing future recruiters with a detailed and comprehensive overview of your professional employment history, skills, education, achievements, and attributes. We understand what employers are looking for, and will take the information that you provide and turn it into something that stands out. There is a range of selection criteria that employers are looking for, and these can vary depending on the position and the field. Our writers understand that and are ready to write content and form responses in a way that makes you sound your absolute best.

Who exactly is resume builder services for?

Professional resume writing and letter writing is not something that only corporate job seekers can request. People from all industries can use a professional resume writing service to land interviews through their job applications. Our Adelaide writers come from various professions and backgrounds in HR and recruitment and are ready to help you with your job applications letter, no matter what field you are applying for.

What should you do in preparation?

To assist your resume writer to deliver the best CV letter during the development of your application, there are a number of criteria that you can help us prepare. Examples include collating your past information and key dates of your employment history, skills and experience inside and outside the workplace that you have developed, personal achievements and education, any courses or certification documents that you've received, and anything else that is relevant and noteworthy that could add value to your resume.

Then, once our Adelaide team has all the relevant information for your CV content, you can prepare yourself for the interview process. To make sure that you are ready for success, we also offer an Interview Coaching process. Through these services, we can develop your interview skills and help you to go from being job seekers to gainfully employed. We can help you to avoid any red flag moments in your interview and get you good results for your time and money.

Other services we provide to help you with your application

We provide a myriad of services beyond writing resumes that can help you take the step towards results. Our resume writers in Adelaide can help write content for various levels of your application journey including letter writing and portfolio presentation.

Clients can choose to select our Key Selection Criteria services, where a member of our team at Hunting Hired will discuss with you the most favoured selection criteria for the industry you are considering to work for. Our team will work with you and guide you through each step to guarantee the display of full potential for hiring parties.

Most of the time when applying for work, employers will want to see a resume and cover letter. Your Cover Letter or application letters will be full of informative content, targeted specifically to the job you are applying for, and relating your applicable skills to the job.

Beyond looking at your resume, CV, and cover letter, success in your industry of choice may rest on having other social media platforms such as a LinkedIn Profile. Employers in the corporate and government spheres are most likely to search for you on social platforms before considering you for an interview. We can help you by creating an eye-catching LinkedIn profile that leads on from your written resume. An active account will increase the likelihood of recruiters in government or other corporate fields finding your information.

Looking for a change in direction

You might be struggling with your current career choices and the pathway that you have chosen thus far. If you are considering making a career change and are feeling unsure about how to move forward, we offer Career Counselling services on top of our resumes and CV work for job applicants and clients. Our team in Adelaide, South Australia offers personalised career consultation for clients in all stages of their work-life and career. You can voice your concerns and queries about the career path you are currently on and where you would like to end up doing in the future. Let our staff help guide you with thought-provoking discussions to instigate the clarity and answers you need.

How we deliver your resumes

Once our resume writers (Adelaide) have established all the relevant information, and you have confirmed all the finishing touches that you would like included, your resume will be provided to you in Microsoft Word format and PDF.

You can expect a 7 to 10 day turn around for our team to complete the job and your documents to be delivered. Our team in Adelaide, South Australia is passionate about helping clients achieve the career of their dreams and constantly deliver documents that make you shine brighter than the pack. If you'd like to see what we can do for you, select our resume builder service today and connect with one of our amazing team members.

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