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Resume & Cover Letter Package



Ensure that you stand out from the pack with a resume and cover letter package. You will receive a resume and cover letter that are cohesive and tailored to the role you are applying for.

The Resume Clean Up & Cover Letter service includes the following:

  • A professionally written resume created from a previous resume, providing future recruiters with a detailed and comprehensive overview of the client's past professional history, skills, education, achievements and attributes.

  • A separate informative cover letter that highlights the client's skills applicable to the specific job application, the cover letter will be created with the same formatting as the resume to provide cohesion.

  • Our team will guide the client step by step to guarantee the best quality resume and cover letter is produced, allowing the client to display their full potential. If at any point there is a query, our team are only an email away.

The resume will be provided in Microsoft Word format and PDF.

Please allow 7 - 10 days turn around.

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Our professional resume and cover letter writing service

Our resume writers will help you get an interview for your dream job. Turn your application into a high quality, professionally written document that will make you stand out to job search employers. Showcase your skills and work experience in a way that will meet all of the employer's selection criteria and secure you an interview on the way to a successful job result.

Resume writing

Resume writing a crucial skill in the job search process. It is you on peice of paper - your skills, personality, education, and experience. The help of a professional resume writer will take that information and present it in a way that will connect with the employer and secure you an interview for the job.

The resume writing process

As the client and topic of the writing services, you will be involved in the resume writing process. Our resume writers will take care of the writing role like the writing style, quality, and layout to make it a professional resume, however, they will need information from you to put this together.

We have a career history questionnaire that your resume writer will send you. The more information you put in this, the better. Our professional resume writers will take your responses and work them together to best display your skills and experience to get the attention of employers and secure you the interviews you want. If your questionnaire does not have enough information, your writer may request a consultation to go through your industry experience, career goals, achievements, and employment experience.

Resume or CV?

Are you wondering what the difference between a resume and a CV is? A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is longer than a resume and usually used for jobs in academia, medicine, or research. A CV contains a lot more information about one's academic background or research for a specific industry. Compared to a resume, a CV is generally 1-2 pages longer. Our writing service is a resume service. If you are looking for help with a CV, contact us with your specific needs and we can let you know if we have a writer to help you.

Cover Letters

A cover letter is the first connection you make with an employer or recruiter, and it is critical that you get this right! Having your cover letter professionally written will ensure that the person reading it understands your application and connects with it, seeing you as the ideal candidate.

A good cover letter will set clients up for the successful acquisition of job interviews that you can blitz with confidence, knowing that your first impression has been a good one.

What do cover letters include?

A cover letter includes a number of things:

  • A greeting. This is your chance to personally say hello to the recruiter in a way that your resume does not. Your letter writer will do this in a way that is both professional and engaging.
  • A description of the role you are applying for. Good cover letters are tailored to show that you have a good understanding of the job advertised and an understanding of the field of work you are applying for.
  • Highlights of your skills and experience that will help you fit the selection criteria. This is your chance to explain your expertise and abilities that make you the right candidate for interviews and employment.
  • Your contact details.

Other things we consider for cover letters

There are a number of other considerations that a professionally written cover letter will include. Your expert writer will take care of these for you and make sure you end up with a state of the art, high-quality cover letter that grabs the reader's attention.

  • Length. Cover letters should be engaging, covering your skills, abilities, and achievements, but it also needs to be concise and shouldn't go overboard. Our skilled cover letter writers
  • Formatting. Your cover letter should look professional to stand out. Correct formatting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation go a long way to making you successful in the job hunt process.
  • Industry. We know what recruiters and employers are looking for in a variety of industries. Your cover letter and resume writer will put together an industry-appropriate letter that is professional, engaging, and will position you to receive a job interview.
  • Information selection. Selecting the right information to highlight in your cover letter is a key element of a successful cover letter service. Your letter writer will select the most useful information for your specific job market to make you stand out. Cover letters can't list all your achievements and accomplishments, so your writer will select the right ones to make you stand out as the person for the job.

What do I get?

Your writing consultant and specialist will provide you with your cover letter and resume in a word document so you can print or digitally send it for your desired applications. If you are looking for more delivery options, contact us to see what alternate delivery methods are available.

Please allow 7-10 days for your resume to be turned around.

Not sure if it's the right job?

As you build your resume, you may be considering a shift in career and work. Our skilled experts love to help people with career advice. Along with resumes, career counseling and consultation is another service we offer to help our clients succeed in more than just an interview, but landing work that they love. Our consultants can help in a variety of ways - some clients are considering an entire industry change, whereas others are considering the requirements and needs for promotion or other areas within the industry they are already in. Whatever your need, our career service is one of the many ways we can help you level up in your work.

Click here to find out more about our career counseling service

Hunting Hired's Cover Letters and Resume Services

What makes us stand out from other professional resume writers or resume writing services?

We help both job seekers and employers as our clients. Our professional team of writers have experience as recruiters, so they know exactly what an employer should be looking for for a specific position.

We treat every application individually. When you engage us for a resume service, you can know that our writing experts will take the time working on your resume to ensure it meets the specific selection criteria for the application, employer and company.

Our resumes and resume writing services get results. We have seen many applicants receive their desired position and work, gaining attention from our expert's way of portraying their resume information.

We are local Australian writers. Our business is based in Adelaide, Australia and we have been writing and working in local industries throughout our career. Our resumes exude the quality of people who know what they are doing in various industries in Australia.

Got questions?

Our resume writers are here to help and support you through the application process. If you have questions about our service options or resumes, contact us today. We love helping people get results!

About us

We are bespoke recruitment and personalized career agency, helping job seekers and employers in Australia with their business needs.

Founded in Adelaide, Australia, we have helped many a person with their resume, cover letter, career advice, and interview coaching. Our service range is quite extensive with many more avenues of assistance available to work seekers.

We offer more services for employers and businesses as well. We can offer a consultant for HR services and performance management, full-service recruitment, and more. Our high-level services are one of the things that make us stand out from other career agencies.

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