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0407 401 924

Career Counselling



Are you struggling with your current career choices and unsure of the best way forward, perhaps you are thinking about a career change or planning to jump back into the workforce.

The Interview Coaching service includes the following:

  • Our team offer personalised career consultation for clients in all stages of life and career.

  • Client's can voice their concerns and queries about the career path they are currently on and where they would like to end up in the future. Let our staff help guide client's with thought-provoking discussions to instigate the clarity and answers desired.

Certified Company
24/7 Access To Consultants
Proven Results

Untap your potential and discover your dream career

Everyone deserves to find their dream career, and until you do, your job can feel unrewarding and unmatched to your personality type or skills. Our career coaching and counselling service offers career guidance and career advice to those struggling to find their dream job, especially for those who lack the years' experience required or who need help to refine their goals.

Our career counselling in Adelaide offers career development to university students or graduates, to those who are lacking employment, seeking opportunities that come from a different level of education or need to improve their people or communication skills.

Our team are kind and experienced people who can offer career advice that will make a genuine difference in the course of your career. Whether you need help with career planning, career development, to define your career goals, or if you need a career assessment to see where you stand with your qualifications and education - our career counselling Adelaide service help you with empathy and offer you a helpful step in the right direction.

Our career counselling includes the following:

  • Personalised career consultation for clients in many stages of life and at any stage of their career. We can offer you real-world advice to set you on the journey towards your dream career, whether you need to improve your education with courses and resources we can direct you to, or whether your resume or communication skills need improvement, our services can give you counselling and information to create a real action plan to reach your career goals.
  • We offer you the opportunity to voice your concerns and queries about the career path you're currently on and where you would like to end up in the future. We can diagnose whether your existing pathway will lead you to success and if not - we can offer advice on how to change your direction and provide the resources to discover a career that will align with your interests and personality type.
  • Our staff can help guide you with thought-provoking discussions to instigate the clarity and answers desired. Through this process, we can eliminate any issues with your job applications and provide you with an authentic assessment to set your course toward positive career development and to bring you an eventual career change that will improve your life while meeting your financial and social needs.
  • It can be isolating and difficult when you're in the search for work. New aspects of your life can create very valid reasons for needing a career assessment and career counselling. Examples of these changes may include early motherhood, the completion of training, planning for the future, entering into or finishing university study, high school or TAFE training, a change of interests or financial needs, or a change to your physical or mental abilities to do certain jobs or to work in particular fields.

Through communication and transparency with our team, we can provide you with achievable options and a career assessment that will give you clear insight and give you the tools to reach your career goals.

We are a:

Certified Company

Certified through the recruitment, consulting and staffing association, we offer each client and all individuals the years' experience and knowledge required to give you career coaching and consultation that will give you real options for different training or development to suit your personality type and experience in the workforce.

We can tailor for the individuals' needs and uncover the pathway to your dream career.

24/7 Access Consultants

Our Adelaide team can offer career coaching, career counselling, career consultation and assessment through appointment over skype, via phone or in-person, which enables us to bring our Adelaide Career Counselling services to greater Adelaide and beyond. Our team will walk with you each step of the way towards your career, and are there to help you through any issues that may arise with your job applications, resume or interview experience. You will receive your own counsellor, hand-selected from our team of experienced and empathetic people, matched to your personality and services required.

Service Provider with Proven Results

Our ultimate goal is to connect remarkable people with the type of employer that will offer them the greatest opportunities and set the greatest course of success for their careers. We have a strong track record of offering a foot up to individuals needing direction and opportunity in their career, from those fresh from high school, the university student freshly graduated, to those with 20 years of experience simply wanting a career change or an effective update to their resume.

To get started on receiving our expert career coaching and to have your choice of an extensive menu of careers, we are just a phone call away.

We consider the existing training, personality and experience of the individuals requiring career coaching or a career consultation to provide the best results. We will set you up with someone whose career it is as a counsellor to help you turn your years' experience or training into careers.

We've helped people from all walks of life walk into their dream careers, from high school students to university students or TAFE students, to experts in their field or those needing a little bit of extra training.

We stand for:


Offering our authentic selves and we encourage our clients and candidates to do the same with transparency and a non-judgemental, authentic relationship.


We value integrity, openness and honesty. This integrity is at the forefront of everything we do and results in a bond between our clients and consultants.


We are committed to your journey and as a result, aim to provide exceptional service every time. We are readily available to you and hold your service as our top priority.

Call us on our Adelaide phone number 0407 401 924 for a quick consultation to get started on your training or career coaching.

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