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We don't just find the perfect candidate for the role, we find the perfect candidate for the company!
We do a deep dive into the company culture and ethics to ensure the chosen candidate provides a positive contribution to the company.
Here's how we do this: We don't just run like the big boys, we offer a service that is suited to your individual needs. We meet with your team and get to know more than just the position and the company structure. We create an intimate relationship with your company to ensure we provide you with the very best hires. Hunting Hired cares deeply about finding the right people for the right role, meaning highly rated job satisfaction for employees and excellent staff retention rates for companies.

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Getting inside your culture

Working relationships between employees are the backbone of any business. Organisations that have developed their own culture and experience for employees see a higher rate of longevity for the tenure of employees. Your staff are happier, business is healthier and when you are looking for HR consulting services in South Australia to help you with finding the right people to add to your business, you want to be sure that you are working with HR consultants who understand who you are and what you are looking for (beyond skillset). That is why our HR consultants take a very personalised approach to understanding you and your organisation. We dive deep into your leadership team, your workplace culture, your organisations goals and desired expertise for your next staff members. Gathering all of this information puts our HR consultants in the best position possible to make your dream team grow, by adding the right people - not just the right skillset - to your workplace.

Human resources targeted to meet your goals

We offer the best HR solutions in South Australia for your hiring needs! Our HR consultants are passionate about the facilitation of your business growth in the direction that you choose, and we do this initially by understanding you and your needs. During our HR consultation we meet with your teams and staff. Our HR team has industrial relations and experience with clients from a range of different areas, and no matter the role or details, we can formulate solutions to meet your hiring needs. Based here in South Australia, we tailor our wide number of consulting services for your business and its' success, and we are with you through the entire process. We offer a range of different programs including coaching, training, and development for people in partnership with business owners so that the development plan of potential staff is geared for the greater success of your business.

Low risk, high reward

Using human resource and consulting services like ours will help mitigate any risks or issues that can arise when looking for future employees. Our organisation is passionate about finding the right person for your business. We have worked with a number of different industries & alongside employers offering HR advice and HR support to all of our clients. We help to alleviate any issues that happen throughout the hiring process and as experts in human resources and recruitment, we work all things towards the success of your organisation. As a part of our training and HR function, we enable you, the employer, to make the final decisions when it comes to adding to your teams. We assist you by gathering all of the information you need as part of a well-informed decision. Our HR programs are supportive and we will assist you with all the HR advice you need all the way through the process.

HR consulting advice for your open jobs

We tailor each encounter and program to match your business. You can trust that our HR consulting advice is sound and suited to your business. Our experience with a number of various employment sectors means that our developed HR program can be tailored to meet you where you are.

Training programs to help you change direction

If you are seeking to grow and change your current culture, we can help with that too. We can create a development plan and develop training policies that can redirect your current business trajectory and set you onto a new path as our HR function is multi-faceted. Our HR consulting is for more than just hiring for your company in South Australia. By following our advice and engaging in a program we develop for you, your business can change from mediocre to the best of the best. We really believe that culture is crucially important to the life of your business - and by developing a training policies program to suit the people in your workplace, we can work with you to lift your business out of cultural deficit into a cultural prerequisite.

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To see how our HR consulting in South Australia can help your business, contact us today. We would love to work with you! You can call us on our phone number or email us by clicking the contact fields below. Once you decide to commit to our HR consulting strategies, you can be sure that we will work with you in a personalised, professional way to get you the results that you are looking for. It's no wonder that we are such a highly sought after recruitment and HR consultancy services in South Australia! We offer ongoing, high levels of support because we are passionate about our clients' ongoing success.

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  • I cannot thank Hunting Hired enough,
    my consultant was always quick to reply to any of my late-night emails, listened to my queries and made changes when I asked. I have applied to a few positions and have already received callbacks to book interviews. Thank you so much!
    Gemma B
  • Thank you for all your support during this process.
    It has been valuable for me, not just to finally have an up to date resume, but to have support to reflect on the last few years and all that I have achieved through some very difficult times, and the skills I have developed.
    Carolyn M
  • It has been a pleasure working with Hunting Hired.
    I was concerned about a gap in my employment history, and Hunting Hired helped me to reduce the gaps with volunteer work I hadn’t thought to include. The experience was great; the team was quick and easy to deal with and created a beautiful resume.
    Lauren T
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