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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions, if there is a query please check the answers below. If you cannot seem to find an answer to your query or require further explanation please contact the team at admin@huntinghired.com
Do I have to be 100% truthful on my resume?
This is a surprisingly common question, and the one correct answer is YES. There is really no reason in creating a resume that is not true, the last thing an applicant wants to do is accept a new job role based on incorrect resume information with zero understanding of the daily task requirements. The company will find out very quickly that the applicant is not cut out for the role.

It is also vital that clients include vacant blocks of time in their resume if they have been out of the workforce. A recruiter would prefer an applicant be upfront about the situation and in some cases, it may even help, i.e. a mother applying to a childcare position after being a stay at home mother for the past 5 years with her children. This time frame shows the recruiter that the applicant has extensive first-hand knowledge about caring for children and with the right qualifications is often an added extra to a resume.
Can I change my previous job title?
Applicants occasionally want to improve their experience, even going so far as to change and embellish their previous job titles. This can lead to disastrous consequences if the recruiter chooses to call a former employer only to be told that the applicants previous job title was something far less involved.
What is the refund policy?
All sales are final, by sending through payment clients enter into an agreement with Hunting Hired and acknowledge the fees are non-refundable. Great care is taken to ensure that each client is happy with the final product and at any time clients can stop the process and make changes, however due to the nature of resumes and career consultations refunds will not be given.
Do I include demotions in my resume?
As stated above, it is essential to remain truthful when creating a resume; this may include demotions. Rather than listing that you were demoted, it is best practice to record the job titles held and the responsibilities of each position in a descending order (from most recent to oldest). A recruiter will be able to work out on their own if you have been demoted from manager to assistant manager, there is no need to draw their eye to the demotion any further.
What is the cancellation policy on consultations?
If a client has booked a consultation but can no longer make the booking the team at Hunting Hired are more than happy to reschedule, however, if a cancellation must be made Hunting Hired will require a 50% cancellation fee. Please contact the team ASAP if you are unable to make your consultation and we will do our best to find another time.

If a client does not try to reschedule a consultation or cancel and simply does not turn up, they will be charged the full consultation fee.

On going support
The team at Hunting Hired think of our clients as friends and want them to succeed in the job market; that is why ongoing support will be maintained with each client after the resume has been completed. If the clients are not finding success in the job market, the team are more than happy to readdress the resume and ensure it aligns with the application requirements. However, Hunting Hired will not provide a refresh if changes have been made by the client to the supplied documents, preventing the client from gaining employment.
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