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Discovering your dream career

August 9, 2019
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Are you not feeling fulfilled in your current role?

Is it time to come back from maternity leave but not sure which career path to choose?

Perhaps it’s time to make a change but you don’t know where to start?

Get ready to discover your ideal career. Simply block out ten minutes, grab yourself a cup of tea, find some paper and a pen, then sit down, get comfy and get ready to do some thinking.

Your ideal career is hiding up in your conscience somewhere so to find out what really would make you happiest in business its time to think about your strengths, values and try to get out of your comfort zone.


When trying to work out what your strengths are, think about area’s that you excel in, aspects of your personality that people often compliment you about. Evaluate why these are strengths of yours and what career options these strengths would benefit.

Alice is unfulfilled in her current role as an IT manager.

She thinks one of her main strengths is her baking ability.

Her friends always compliment her on her bubbly and tenacious attitude.


The next step is to think about your personal values. What do you want to achieve within your lifetime? Do you want to help people, do you want to earn a certain amount and live a particular lifestyle? Are you focused on starting a family and being present?

Whatever your values, think about career paths that are in line with them. Think about how you could improve your current values through future career options. Your values are central to who you are as a person and your happiness, by spending time researching your core values, you can help to unlock what will genuinely make you happy.

Alice wants to make people happy, she wants to celebrate with them in their achievements

She values hard work and commitment and wants to be her own boss.


Often the things we want the most, often seem like the hardest to achieve. Stepping out your comfort zone can be intimidating and stressful, but it leads to amazing rewards.

This scary space will teach you more about who you are, what strengths you poses and gives you a clearer understanding of your true desires. It is essential to try new things and give your all, there may be something that you are a natural at but would never have discovered the talent if not for trying a new skill.

Alice thinks starting her own baking business is something that she might like to try.

Alice begins by baking birthday cakes for friends and family each weekend. She asks if people could recommend her to their friends.


Visualisation is such a fantastic tool, once you think about what you really want to achieve, you can start to manifest these skills. Keep visualising your ideal career to keep yourself motivated, the road will not be easy, but it will be worth it in the end, stay present in your current situation but visualise your future.

Alice visualises herself opening up her own bakery business and selling sweet baked treats to people for special celebrations. She begins visualising a bakery in her local shopping mall called “Sweet Celebrations” which creates one of a kind birthday cakes and cupcakes.

Using this visualisation Alice began creating a business plan, spoke to her bank about possible start up loans and began looking for suppliers and the perfect location.

By taking these steps you can start to really confront what makes you happy in life, use that to create an action plan and begin working towards the career of your dreams.

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