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Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

September 23, 2019
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Job interviews are hard; there is a lot of time and effort devoted to ensuring that you make the perfect first impression. The lead up is often fraught with doubt, hours spent umming and ahhing over the right outfit, practising what want to say, worrying about unnecessary things and over analysing how to sound right for the role.

All this preparation can be in vain, as there are certain no-no's you cannot afford to make in an interview. These mistakes can often cost you substantially, and you may be unaware that you have even made them. Before putting your foot in your mouth, check out these common interview mistakes so you can avoid them.

1. Showing up late

This is number one for obvious reasons! The employer needs to know that you are reliable and showing up late demonstrates a lack of time management and a disregard for the recruiters time. Arriving late is a great way to get yourself placed in the firm no category.

Life is unpredictable! Your car might not start; an accident can happen; traffic can be bad; the train could be late and blah blah blah blah the recruiter has heard it all before. There is a genuine risk that something could hold you up, be prepared and leave early enough to avoid being late if something does hold you up.

2. Lack of preparation

You want to be prepared for every individual interview. It is great to practice your standard answers for the basic questions that will always be asked; however, the recruiter doesn't just want to know your soft skills. The recruiter will want to know why you think you are right for the role, what you think about the company and what makes you more desirable than the other candidates. Be prepared, research the company, know the mission statement, understand the role inside and out, be able to establish a valid reason why you would be the perfect candidate for the position other than the experience listed on your resume.

3. Body language & Presentation

We all know that the way we carry ourselves matters, even more so when being judged simply on first impressions. Body language can be the difference between landing the role or not. You should arrive looking put together and behave pleasantly; this is an exciting and happy moment for you.

You do not want to be rude, grumpy, negative or unresponsive. This will most likely end the interview right on the spot, but you should also check the way you display yourself. Don't sit with your arms crossed; don't become distracted; give the recruiter your full attention and remember to try and smile whenever someone makes eye contact. It is these little details that can make all the difference and show you are actively engaged.

4. Remembering the recruiter's name

This is not always vital, some recruiters will let you get away with a slip-up, but others will not. When the recruiter introduces themselves to you, remember the name. Not only is remembering someone's name useful in general conversation, but it is also a sign of respect and shows you have been paying attention.

5. Don't skimp on small talk

Small talk is by no means unimportant, its a great way to connect to the recruiter on a personal level and build a relationship. Small talk is an excellent vehicle for recruiters to gain an insight into your personality. After all, they are not just hiring someone solely on their skills and knowledge.

6. Forgetting the follow-up

Follow up can be crucial! If a recruiter interviews 50 applicants; likes 10 for the position and then receives a follow-up email thanking them for their time from 1 of the 10. You can guess who just moved up to number one pick on the recruiter's list. A simple thank you email is not only professional and polite but shows that you are actively interested in the role.

 What do you think of these common interview mistakes?

Do you have another common interview mistake we should be aware of?

Leave a comment down below and let the team at Hunting Hired know your thoughts.

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